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Our valued Pledge


Institutional Values :

“Service Before Self” is the core value of Pub Kamrup College. To inculcate this value among the students and teachers programmes like social work are taken involving various wings of the college like NSS, Scouts and Guide, Al umni, Students Union etc.

  1. The college lays great emphasis on behavior of its students both in the college and outside. Discourtesy to seniors/elders/teachers/staff, use of abusive language, unruly behavior, and vandalism is not tolerated. Such students will be warned to mend their ways and their parents/guardians are also informed.
  2. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college; any violation shall lead to disciplinary action. If the violation is found to be serious in nature, action will be taken on the basis of established law. (Supreme Court Order May 2007).
  3. Use of tobacco of any kind and toxic substances is strictly prohibited in the college campus.
  4. Avoid gender prejudices.
  5. Avoid misuse of electricity.

Guidelines for Students :

  1. Bring this handbook to college everyday and put records of home/class assignments and leave of any kind
  2. Take signatures of parents, mentor/class teacher and HoD of your department wherever is necessary.
  3. Follow the dress code (College Uniform) in college.
  4. This is your college. Keep it clean and green so that you and others may be proud of it.
  5. Aim at 100% attendance and unfailing punctuality.
  6. Inculcate good values and imbibe good qualities of honesty and sincerity. Cultivate good manners.
  7. Always behave in such a way that your parents and teachers feel proud of you.
  8. Do hard work. Your parents, society and the nation expect a lot from you.
  9. Don’t miss the classes and keep regular contact with your teachers.
  10. Visit Library and news paper stand regularly.
  11. Allot time for sports activity in your daily schedule to stay fit and healthy.
  12. Always be sincere and honest in your work and life. Remember that each one of us has a goal in life. So identify your talent/interest and develop it relentlessly.
  13. Taking feedback about the college and teaching process is a regular process. You are to fill up and submit feedback forms whenever provided to you.
  14. Make it a habit of checking your emails regularly to find email notifications from the college

Important Information for the Guardians :

  1. The College expects active co-operation of the guardians in ensuring effective education for their wards.
  2. Guardians will encourage their wards to imbibe the values followed by the college for the greater interest of the society and the nation.
  3. Guardians must ensure that their wards must attend the classes regularly.
  4. Guardians will guide their wards to develop a sense of equality and fellowship amongst the students.
  5. The college attempts its best to ensure the safety of the students within the college. College will not take any responsibility of the students outside the campus.
  6. Guardians should check the handbook of the students regularly.
  7. The college expects one to one relationship with each parent/guardians.
  8. The college expects active participation in the parents’ feedback process.

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