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The Department of Assamese, an apex and only department of Modern Indian Languages in Pub Kamrup College was established with the mother institute in 1972 A.D. with a view to building up a home of its own in the field of higher education in Assam as well as in Pub Kamrup area. Its mission has been referred to elsewhere here, was to create an atmosphere towards the total and overall development of language, literature and culture of Assam. The department was started way back in 1972 with the introduction of the two-year Pre-University course. Subsequently, the two-year degree course was introduced with effect from 1974. Consequent upon the change of the Course-pattern and modalities of the Degree programmed in the nation, the Three-year Degree course was opened with effect from 1985 under the guidelines of Gauhati University, to whom the college itself is affiliated. The Honours course at the UG level was introduced in 1975. This Honours course has been renamed by the university authority as Major course and teaching of programmed is also being accomplished to willing and deserving students. In 2011, Gauhati University started a three-year degree course. In which the Assamese department has been teaching the classes of Major and General for almost ten years. Later in 2019, Gauhati University has started a CSBC course instead of the previous course. Accordingly new syllabus i.e., CBCS syllabus is being taught in the department of Honors and General classes.
The department has pursued teaching in Assamese (Modern Indian Language) as a compulsory subject to all the students of H.S. Classes (Arts and Science) and TDC Classes (Arts). Besides, it imparts teaching in Advance Assamese in H.S. Classes and Elective Assamese in TDC Classes addition to the major courses. Thus, the department has to engage itself in a threefold teaching programme. At present, the department has strength of six sanctioned teaching posts. But due to some unknown reasons one post is still lying vacant. At present five teachers are working against sanctioned posts.
Dr. Naren Ch. Das, a dedicated faculty member of the department passed away on 02.02.02 causing a great loss not only to the department but to Pub Kamrup College as a whole. He successfully completed the Visharad programme in Hindi and undertook a laudable research scheme to fathom the intricacies of life and poetic skills of Ganesh Ch. Gogoi, the epitome of genius poets of Assamese Romanticism. This arduous task of Dr. Das ultimately brought him Ph.D. Degree of Gauhati University for his thesis under the name and titlt- Ganesh GogoirJivan ARU Sahitya Karma: Eti Samikshatmak Addhyan in 1997 under the supervision of Prof Bhaba Prasad Chaliha, Dept of Assamese, Gauhati University. Dr. Das bore an urge for creative writing also. Besides a good number of Articles on different subjects published in newspapers and periodicals, he had to his credit three short story books namely Krishna Gosain (1988), NajvalaDhup (1989) and Prithivir Asus (1993). He co-authored Asomiya Bhasa Sahitya Sanskriti Bithika (1999) with Dr. Khagesh Sen Deka and Dr. Umesh Ch. Deka, Dr. K.S. Deka has Authored another book namely Byakaran: PrasyaaruPashcatya (2001). This Book has been recognized as reference3 book by Gauhati University, Dibrugarh University and Assam University, Silchar. AsomiyaBananSamasaya (1998) And Bhasa Cinta Bichitra (2001) are two other books edited by Dr. Deka. A good number of research paper published in various research journals, and Research articles published in book form are also to his credit. Dr. Deka is also regularly entrusted the duty to prepare SLMKs (Self Learning Materials) by two prestigious institutes of the State- Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University (KKHSOU) AND Institute of Distant and Open Learning (IDOL), G.U. Dr. Umesh Ch. Deka and Dr. khagesh Sen Deka has been recognized as research supervisor by Gauhati University. Mr. K.K. Patowary,Ms.Rezina Khatun, Mr. K.N. Talukdar and Dr. Umesh Ch.Deka have already been retired from their services.
Mr. Krishna Kanta Patowary served as the head of the department since its inception to his retirement. Mr Khagendra Nath Talukdar, Dr. Khagesh Sen Deka and after him Dr. Barnali Deka was his successor. At present Dr. Dulumani Deka is serving as the HoD of the department.
Dr. Barnali Deka joined the department in Feb, 2003. She has successfully completed B.Muse and P.G. diploma in Odia language. Besides a good number of articles on different subjects published in newspapers, periodicals and books, she had to her credit one book of fable namely Sadhukathar Jolonga (2010), one translated poetry book Hey Mahajiwan (2012) and two boks of article Saktipith Kamakhya aru Biraja(2012) and Sahitya-Sanskriti Etyadi (2013). Some research articles are also published in book forms. Dr. Deka has successfully completed her Ph.D. programme in the department of MIL, Gauhati University under the supervision of Prof. Umesh Chandra Deka.
Dr. Dulumani Deka joined the department in July, 2007. She has successfully completed her Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. Bimal Mazumdar, department of Assamese, G.U. in 2021. She has Diploma of Architectural Assistantship also. Various research papers have already been published in different books. Prasanga: Madhabdev, Sankari sahityat Alokpat are two books by her.
Dr. Nayanmoni Baruah joined the service in Dec, 2009. Praveen in Hindi and having post graduate diploma Course in Creative Writing, Dr. Baruah has a good number of articles published in books, magazines, newspapers and national-international level research journal to her credit. A good number of poem and short-story is also published in various renowned magazines of Assam. She has awarded Ph.D. for her thesis entitled ‘Asomiya Shishu-Sahityat Thalua Parivesh’ by Dibrugarh University under the supervision of Prof. Nirajana Mahanta Bezbora. ‘Asomiya Shishu-Sahitya’ (2021) is a research-based book and ‘Ratanpuraloi Ring Etar Baat’ (2017) and ‘Ratanpurar Ring’ (2022) are two other published books to her credit.
Mr. Ajit Kalita has joined the service in Jan, 2012. Mr. Kalita has a good number of articles published in books, magazines, newspapers and national-international level research journals to his credit.
In the year 2018 Dr. Dhiren Baro joined the Department of Assamese. Two books written by Dr. Baro have already been published. In addition, a good number of articles and research papers are published in various books and journals.
Major Thrust area of the Department:
To develop the student's knowledge about Assamese literature, language, art and culture in a better way.

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