Welcome to BioTech Hub

Biotech Hub is a cluster of facilities for biotech research , training , collaboration & manufacturing biological , pharmaceuticals and food products. It is a centre where different equipments are available related with biological science research. The aim of the biotech hub is to attract young talents to pursue career in biological science . Biotechnology is a field of Applied Biology that involves the use of living organisms and bio-processes in engineering, technology, medicine and other fields. Department of Biotechnology provides the financial support for establishment of biotech lab with basic set of equipments.

Department of Biotechnology establishes two types of Biotech hub in NE states, besides Biotech park is also established in some places for initiating advance research:

1.The State Biotech Hub

2. Institutional Biotech Hub.

State Biotech hub is a Nodal Centre sponsored by DBT, Govt. of India, with the mandate of research, training and outreach programmes involving selected Colleges and DBT Institutional Level Biotech Hubs. The Institutional Level Biotech Hub, Pub Kamrup College is established in the year 2011 with full financial support from Department of Biotechnology following terms and conditions and accordingly memorandum of agreement was signed between Govt. of India and Pub Kamrup College. The DBT sanctioned 27 lakh of fund to the Hub and later, another 7 lakh was sanctioned totaling of Rs. 34 lakh. Initially 19 lakh was released as the first year grant during 2011-12 financial year. In the second and third year Rs. 8.72 lakh and Rs. 5.19 lakh were released to the Hub. After completion of three years, the Hub was further extended for another two years and accordingly the grant of Rs. 5.80 lakh has been released to the Hub as the fourth year grant. The fifth year grant is yet to be released. The building for biotech hub was inaugurated by then Honourable State Education Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma on 10th March, 2012. The Institutional Level Biotech Hub, Pub Kamrup College aims to provide facilities for research, development and training in the area of plant tissue culture, biochemical studies of protein, histochemical and histopathological studies of animal tissues, enzyme purification and separation and identification of different plant constituents. .

Institutional biotech hub Pub Kamrup College has provisions for three types of activities

A. Hands on Training for students researchers and enthusiastic teachers on basic equipments for biotech research.

B. organizing outreach programme in different schools

C. Providing facilities for research and development in the field of biochemistry, plant tissue culture and histochemical and histological studies in animal tissues.