1.Seizure controlling ability of selected traditionally used antiepileptic plant against induced seizure in animal model (ongoing)

Investigator: Dr Manash Barthakur and Mr Pankaj Kalita.

2.Behavioural characterization of memory loss in seizure induced animal (ongoing) and Alzheimer disease animal model (going to start)

Investigator : Nipu Das, Dr Manash Barthakur and Pankaj Kalita

3.Synthesis of gold nanoparticles and its conjugation with different neuro drugs and their animal test

Investigator: Dr. Manash Barthakur and Mr Pankaj Kalita.

4. Mathematical modeling of epileptic neural network (ongoing) Investigator : Arup Sarma, Pankaj Kalita and Dr. B. Kr. Dev Choudhury

5. Studies on VAM of Muga host plants of different districts of Assam. Minor Research Project supported by UGC, Govt of India.

Principal Investigator: Dr Dipak Konwar, Asst Prof., Pub Kamrup College.

6. A theory of brain rhythm and Neural Network - an investigation from physics point of view (ongoing).

Investigator: Dr B. Kr Dev Choudhury, Mr Arup Sarmah and Pankaj Kalita.

7. Prevalence of dementia in the selected localities of Assam and its early diagnosis (Going to start)

Investtigator: Pankaj Kalita and Dr. Manash Barthakur

Completed parts of these researches are published/ presented in different journals/conferences time by time.